How to train IAM images using

Important update: With the introduction of the IAM training software and, going through all the steps explained on this page is no longer necessary. For strategies, you can use the tricks explained here.

Memocamp is a very cool resource designed for serious competitors and one person could spend an entire lifetime practicing all the different challenges presented. Problem is, it’s also a mess full of misplaced German words, terrible translations and frequent technical problems. At 5 to 10 euros a month, it might be little bit too expensive for beginners and casual memorizers. Hardcore competitors should get a subscription, but most people are probably better off sticking with some of those cheaper and better-designed training tools. Everyone however should at least get a free Memocamp account to train the memorization of images. Thanks to a deal made between the owner of and the International Association of Memory (IAM), anyone can train this event for free as much as they want.
On this page I’ll show you how to open an account and start training this particularly fun beginner-friendly event.


Step 1 – To go You should see this in the upper right corner. Unless you speak German, it might be a good idea to leave the site in English whether or not that’s your first language. There are about 10 choices of languages, but the translation is awful in all cases except the original German. Only change the language if you’re intending to get a subscription and practice memorizing random words.


Step 2 – Click on “Hello guest” and then “log in here”. You’ll end up on this page with that very fun mix of German and English. Click on “Open an account” on right.



Step 3 – Answer all the questions on the left. Your “nickname” will be your username on the site. On the right you can just indicate the country you live in and leave the rest blank. Note down your “nickname” and password somewhere and click on “save information”. You’ll end up on another page where you’ll see the message “Dein Account wurde erfolgreich erstellt.” Google Translate tells me it means “Your account has been created successfully”. Thank you mister Memocamp creator for helping us practice our German! Now click on “Hello guest” and then “log in here” in the upper right corner. Enter your “nickname” and your password and click on login.



Step 4 – You’ll end up on this page where you can click on “Disciplines” and then on “Pictures”. Abstract images is something else entirely.




Step 5 – Click on “practice” and you’ll end up on the page on the right. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to start with more than 5 images, but you’ll quickly get that done and be able to move on to more. Don’t bother with any of the options and just click “Start”.






Step 6 – OMG now you have to memorize stuff! Don’t panic, just use some of the tricks explained here. You can use the arrows on your keyboard to move from one image to next. Personnally I don’t bother with the bigger image on the right and I just concentrate on the smaller images on the left. To make that easier I zoom in 150% (with Google Chrome you do this by selecting the 3 little dots in the upper right corner and by adjusting the “zoom” option). I like how it gives me a more general perception and I like how it facilitates the process of ignoring the fifth image of each row. Click on “continue to reproduction” when you’re done memorizing.


Step 7 – Time for recall. You now need to write the numbers 1 to 5 for each image. You can do this using the mouse, but it’s much faster and more convenient to use the arrows and the numbers on your keyboard. Push “Num Lk” on your keyboard if your numerical keypad on the right isn’t working. The image you didn’t bother memorizing is the fifth one. Click on “continue to evaluation” when you’re done.


Congratulations! You have successfully memorized the order of 5 images! That’s super impressive! Ok no I’m joking, it isn’t. Not even a little. But now at least you can try memorizing more. Now click on “Disciplines” and “Pictures” and start again. Keep playing until you fail once. Click on “Hello …” in the upper right corner and then on “Abmelden” to log out. Start again one or two days later. Just play maybe 3 games every week and you’ll become awesome at this discipline. Keep it fun!