Results of the 2019 British Columbia Memory Championship: Braden Adams sets new national records

Chilliwack resident Braden Adams absolutely DESTROYED the competition* at the July 13 2019 British Columbia Memory Championship and set several new national records. In a series of short 5-minute intervals, he memorized no less than 47 names and faces, 263 images, 43 fictitious historical dates and 86 random words. His images score is equal to his previous competition record while his dates and words scores are now the new national records. He also memorized a full deck of cards in just 47 SECONDS, beating by a long shot the previous national records set by Ezequiel Valenzuela (56 seconds) and Francis Blondin (66 seconds). Thanks to Joaquim Ayala for his help organizing this competition. To everyone reading this, no matter how good or how bad your memory currently is**, we hope to see you at our next National Memory Championship that will happen in mid-November simultaneously in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

* Just to be clear, the first sentence of this post is partly tongue in cheek. Unfortunately everyone else who was originally planning to compete yesterday weren’t able to for different reasons. That doesn’t in any way diminish the fact that he managed to set some particularly impressive new national records. This was the very first CMSA British Columbia Memory Championship, but it won’t be the last. The number of B.C. residents with enough knowledge and experience with memory techniques is currently very low, but we fully intend to change this : )

** If you’d like to be able to perform similar memory feats, you can. You’re not gonna be able to memorize a deck of cards in 47 seconds by next week, but you will still be amazed by what you will manage to accomplish with a little bit of training. And you can contact us at if you have any further questions about this subject.

All the events and rules for the B.C. championship were described on this page. Our upcoming National Championship in November will follow a different format described here.

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