Training tools and sample disciplines

Again here’s our quick guide for how to compete as a beginner.

Sample disciplines

Due credits:

Training tools

  • Click here for links to good websites you can use to train online.
  • During the competition you might want to use earmuffs that will block most sound and help you focus.
  • For speed cards it’s certainly not mandatory but if you might want to get one of those timers. Cheaper ones from China are available here. We’ll have a few extra timers on site.
  • You can of course just buy decks of cards from the dollar store, or those if you want to be able to easily spread them on the table during recall.
  • If you’re competing in the Regular section, you’re allowed to print out your number and/or card system on an 8.5 by 11 inches sheet (front side of the sheet only) and use that sheet during both the memorization and recall periods.

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