Results of the 2019 National Mental Math Championship

Congratulations to Hua Wei Chan for his victory!

The 2019 National Mental Math Championship was held Saturday November 23 in Montreal. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Congratulations to Hua Wei Chan from Edmonton for becoming the new Canadian mental math champion! Hua established new national records in additions, multiplications and advanced multiplications. How quickly can you solve a problem like 874 times 569? Hua managed to correctly solve no less than 88 similar problems in 4 minutes and 20 seconds and still have 40 seconds left to relax at the end!
  • Congratulations to last year champion Jean Béland for his second place overall and for establishing new national records in divisions and in 1-minute and 5-minute calendar calculations. How much is 886 divided by 7? About 126.57 of course! Jean managed to correctly solve 122 similar problems in just 5 minutes. And do you know what day of the week was February 17, 1687? Jean can calculate the answer in about 1.5 seconds. In 5 minutes he provided no less than 185 correct answers to questions just like this one. He also did the same thing 40 times in just 60 seconds.
  • Congratulations to Marc Larocque for outperforming his archenemy Jean Béland at additions. That’s not an easy task! Marc’s overall results would have been enough to win two out of three events last year.

Thanks to Valérie Grenon, Alecsandre Sauvé-Lacoursière and l’Association des étudiants et étudiantes en physique de l’Université de Montréal (PHYSUM) for their help with the organization of this event. And thanks to Tom Awad for his participation and his great performance.

Unfortunately the memory guy in charge forgot to take pictures! But here’s Hua Wei Chan on the left the very next day at the 2019 National Memory Championship.

And here’s Jean Béland (on the right) and Marc Larocque (on the left) at last year National Mental Championship.

Fun facts:

Although we of course enjoy seeing national records being broken, we don’t want this championship to be solely for hardcore competitors like Hua Wei Chan and Jean Béland. Next year we would like to see many, many more participants of all ages and all skill levels. If you’re a teacher or an organizer in Canada and you’d like your class or your group to be able to compete from afar, get in contact with us! It’s possible that we’ll be able to arrange something. Heavily discounted registration fees for groups could be negotiated.