Provincial Championships

Upcoming provincial championships:

The Quebec Memory Championship is coming up March 23 at Université Laval! Read all about it by clicking here:

Not yet confirmed, but there are also rumors about a possible British Columbia Memory Championship coming up next summer…

CMSA general policy regarding provincial championships:

Up until now almost all “provincial memory championships” in Canada have been improvised events where 1 to 3 competitors would spend a few minutes memorizing a few cards and that was it. Cool, and it will still be possible to do just that if you want, but we’d like to try a different model. We’re calling for the formation of longer-term autonomous provincial organizations who would organize more ambitious events every year around the same dates. You can start very small of course, but aim to grow in the long term. Want to organize the very first Manitoba or Saskatchewan or Newfoundland provincial memory or mental math competition? Get in touch with us. We’ll offer pre-determined formats, step by step procedures and rulebook that you can choose to use or not to use. Want to keep it simple and only test competitors for random numbers and words? You can choose to do that. Want to try out something revolutionary that has never been done before? That’s also possible. As long as your proposal isn’t completely insane, we’ll promote your events and recognize your champions. Your organization or event will even have its own sub-page on where you can choose to post whatever you want. The proposal is valid for any memory or mental math or cubing related organization in Canada, although for cubing you may prefer to use instead.