Organizers can compete, but only under certain conditions

You may have noticed that many CMSA organizers also happen to be competitors. That’s true, we encourage that. The memory world is still quite small and there’s a lot of overlap between people who are interested in competing and those who are interested in organizing. We think helping out and competing shouldn’t be two mutually exclusive options. Don’t worry, we take all the necessary steps to make sure nobody starts out with any kind of unfair advantage.

  • The four CMSA Board members (currently Francis Blondin, Braden Adams, Valérie Grenon and Jean Béland) are never allowed to receive any prize money.
  • For now only Francis Blondin is in charge of designing the memorization material. When we’re holding an event in multiple locations, a few other people will help with printing and arbitration, but those people usually aren’t also competing. If a CMSA organizer who has had previous access to the memorization material wants to compete, he or she has to do so while skipping the Exam (a significant disadvantage) and by using the more difficult IAM (International Association of Memory) material instead of CMSA material for everything else. In those cases, another person will of course have to take care of preparing and printing the IAM memorization material.
  • Francis Blondin, as a board member who is in charge of designing the memorization material and largely in charge of designing the rules, can still choose to compete, but only under special conditions. He can only do so while skipping the Exam and using IAM memorization material for everything else. And he can only compete directly against international competitors in the “Open section”. That means international competitors will have to outperform at least one other semi-decent opponent to win this section. And that means that Francis will never be “Canadian champion” or “Quebec champion” again. This rule is only there to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. The skill level necessary to win a national title has gone way up in recent years, so it’s not like he stood a chance anyway! If in the future some other person starts to be in charge of designing the memorization material, the same rule will apply to him or her.