Results of the 2018 Friendly Cubing Championships

Kenny Zhong in Vancouver solved a Rubik’s cube in 6.63 seconds!

Can you solve a Rubik’s cube in just 20 seconds? That’s great, but you might still not make the top 10 in a cubing championship. Some of the CMSA organizers think they are pretty good at cubing, but they are still light years behind so many of the amazing competitors who showed up September 15 in Vancouver and Montreal. One example is Jerome Lam in Vancouver who solved a cube in just 11.77 seconds, another is Julien Gaboriaud in Montreal who did the same thing in 11.93 seconds. Congratulations Jerome and Julien, that’s almost as impressive as 14-year-old Kenny Zhong solving his cube in just 6.63 seconds! Kenny is also the official winner of the 2×2, one-handed and Pyraminx challenges. While Kenny prefers to look at his cube while he’s solving it, Steven Aird in Montreal apparently prefers to just let his eyes closed and relax while solving the whole thing. That preference may have helped him win the blindfolded challenge and tie with Jerome Lam in Vancouver for the Multi-blindfolded challenge (memorizing more than one cube before trying to solve them all without looking).

Look at the results below and prepare to be impressed. Thanks to everyone who participated, helped run the event or came as a spectator. We hope to see you all again next year!


Results of the main 3×3 challenge

DNF means “did not finish”. DNS means “did not start”.

Results of the 2×2 challenge

Results of the 3×3 one-handed challenge

Results of the Pyraminx challenge

Results of the 3×3 blindfolded challenge

Results of the 3×3 multi-blindfolded challenge