Honorary Memory Challenge – Detailed scoreboards

The vast majority of what is worth knowing about the results of our Honorary Memory Challenges is already presented on this page. Here we reproduce exactly the same two scoreboards for Round 1 and 2, but we also add the numbers of Championship Points that each participant would have earned if it had been an official in-person championship. Although calculating who won a particular discipline is a simple enough endeavor, assigning a numerical value to the combined results of 6 very different disciplines is much more complex.

Again just to be clear, although we suppose that everyone honestly reported everything, this is all done for fun and practice and none of the results below are official. Only in-person championship results are considered official.

  • Use the zoom-in function on your computer (usually Ctrl  +/-) for better clarity. Reading on your cellphone will probably be more difficult.
  • Explanations about this scoreboard are added below.

Full honorary results for Round 2

Full honorary results for Round 1

About those scoreboards:

  • The first number in each box shows the raw official result. The second number after a slash sometimes shows the attempted score. With words, for example, a result of 62/64 means that 64 words were written down and 62 of those were corrects. The attempted score has no effect on the final ranking and we only note this to satisfy our curiosity. In the Advanced section, penalties for errors can sometimes be severe, especially for numbers and words. Therefore, do not assume that a score of 200/300 necessarily means that the participant made 100 mistakes.
  • The numbers in brackets show the number of championship points (CP) obtained for each event. The CPs are added in the last column to calculate the final ranking of each participant. In the advanced section, only the 5 best results out of 6 are taken into consideration. In the regular section, the numbers and cards challenges are completely optional and only the 4 best results are taken into account. If there is no number in brackets in a box, it means that the results obtained for this test were not high enough to count among the participant’s top 4 or 5.
  • When you see +25 or +50 or more next to a score, it means that the participants were awarded some bonus points. That can be done either by obtaining a top 3 result among your peers in a particular discipline; by memorizing at least 60, 100 or 150 digits; 20, 40 or 52 cards; or by breaking a national record.
  • The participants are listed in first name alphabetical order.