Friendly Cubing Championship

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Saturday April 6, CMSA Board member Valérie Grenon along with Canadian Cubing and others organized a huge cubing competition in Montreal. Over 120 competitors showed up and the event was a great success.

The Journal de Montréal wrote this great article about it.

Join the Cubing Montreal Facebook group if you want to see some images and videos of the event.


Important note: The rest of this page hasn’t been edited since our last championship in September 2018. Many changes will probably be made before our 2019 championship, so don’t please don’t assume that what you’re reading here is up to date.


The Friendly Cubing Championship will start Saturday September 15 at 9:30am in Montreal and at 1pm in Vancouver. It will last for about 3 hours. It won’t be happening in Toronto. Click here for information about the cost and the venues.

The Friendly Cubing Championship will be happening September 15 in Montreal and Vancouver. The prizes are listed here. It was added mostly for fun and called “friendly” in part because we recognize that there already are bigger and more well established cubing competitions happening in Canada. We aren’t trying to compete with them, just to offer a new fun event for cubing enthusiasts to take part in. We also want to encourage as many beginners as possible to learn to solve the damn thing! And finally, since people who are interested in memory and mental math also tend to enjoy cubing, we thought it would be great to bring all those people together in the same place. We aren’t endorsed by the World Cubing Association,  but next year we probably will be. In the meantime, except for that just for fun beginners section, we will be following most of the same rules.

Competitors can only sign up in either the Regular section or the Beginners section. There are no age or citizenship status distinctions. Scroll to the end of this section for a description for the functioning of the Beginners section. In the Regular section, competitors will have 2 attempts at the beginning of the event and 3 more attempts at the end to solve the 3×3 cube as quickly as possible. Whoever manages to get the fastest time in their very best attempt will be the overall winner of the championship. Only your very best attempt will count. If you messed up every time but you did great at the very end, that can be enough to win.

In between your first and your last attempts at speed solving the 3×3, five other challenges will be offered and judged separately: 2×2, 3×3 one-handed, Pyraminx, 3×3 blind and finally, for at least one competitor in Montreal, 1 hour for the memorization and subsequent blind resolution of as many 3×3 cubes as possible. Up to three attempts will be allowed for 2×2, 3×3 one-handed and Pyraminx. Up to two attempts will be allowed for the 3×3 blind. And of course only one attempt will be allowed for multiple blind solves. In each case only the best time will be recorded. None of those challenges are mandatory. And although competitors are encouraged to stick around, people who are in a hurry can choose to just do their 5 attempts at the 3×3 at the beginning and then leave.

Many tables will be available for official attempts in any of the offered challenge. We’ll try to proceed as efficiently as possible and we probably won’t have any significant problem, but we can’t guarantee that everyone will be able to compete in all challenges. On the other hand if we end up having more time than what we originally planned for, competitors who wish to do so will have the chance to have their attempts at other events (4×4 or something else) to be judged and noted on the website. We encourage competitors to learn the cube’s notations and help us with the tasks of judging other competitors and shuffling the cubes. Competitors (most likely just one person) who wishes to try multiple blind solves will be isolated in another room. Please note that we aren’t sure we will be able to accommodate multiple blind solves in Vancouver. In the regular section, a maximum of 20 competitors in Montreal and 20 competitors in Vancouver will be accepted. But unless it’s mentioned otherwise on this site, the maximum hasn’t yet been reached and you can still sign up. Later during the day, competitors and spectators who are available will be invited to a friendly get together at a nearby establishment.

A detailed version of the rules is available here. Click here instead for a French version of those rules.

Here are the most important things you need to know:

  • We will have a few spare cubes and timers around, but competitors should still bring their own if possible. Please bring what’s called a stackmat timer if you have one. It will also be possible to be timed using a stopwatch of a cell phone.
  • Scrambling will be done by judges or volunteers using some pre-determined sequences.
  • Scrambled cube will be hidden underneath a box until the beginning of the inspection time. You will then have a maximum of 15 seconds to inspect the cube before starting.
  • Sign up as soon as possible if you want your place in the Regular section to be guaranteed. There are no limits for spectators and beginners.

Beginners section

There are no limit to the number of competitors in the Beginners section because that section will be judged in a manner that is much quicker and simpler. Beginner’s cubes will be shuffled randomly instead of with a predetermined shuffle sequence and everyone in this section will compete simultaneously. For beginners at least, the championship isn’t meant to be a stressful competition with very strict rules. It’s supposed to be a series of fun and accessible games where it doesn’t matter whether you win or “lose”. It’s also meant to be accessible to spectators and competitors from the two other championships who happen to be there but who have little or no experience with cubing. Three short challenges will be presented to beginners. In all cases we’ll shuffle the cubes randomly and everyone will start exactly at the same time.

First challenge will be called “Just solve one side however you want”. You will have a maximum of 3 minutes to solve just one side. It won’t matter whether or not the colours on the side are properly aligned or not, as long as you can show us one single side completed correctly. Second challenge will be called “Solve one side, but correctly this time”. Same challenge as the first, but this time the colors on the side have to be properly aligned. The last challenge will be called “Can you solve the damn thing?”. You will have a maximum of 10 minutes to solve one cube. The winner of the Beginners section gets bragging rights and eternal glory. Prizes in the Beginners section will be given away randomly, independently or your performance.

If you’re in or around Toronto and you’re disappointed that our cubing championship won’t be happening in that city, don’t be. Turns out another cubing competition will be happening in Mississauga the very same day!

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