About the CMSA

The Canadian Mind Sports Organization (CMSA) is a new dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to helping as many people as possible discover the joy of the art of memory, of mental math and of speed cubing. Every year we will be organizing not one, but three different and separate competitions: the Friendly Cubing Championship, the National Mental Math Championship and last but certainly not least, the National Memory Championship.

Those three disciplines have very little in common with each other except that they are good examples of what could be called mind sports. They are good intellectual exercises that also happen to be very fun and addictive. They are wrongly perceived by most people to be too difficult. And finally, especially when it comes to the art of memory and mental math, we think they aren’t nearly as popular as they should be. Mental math and memory training in Canada today are very marginal activities, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Maybe they will never become mainstream, but they could certainly become exponentially larger than they are now.

We will be promoting those activities through the competitions we will hold, through the instructional material that will appear on this website and through the free workshops we will sometimes be presenting. We’re hoping to attract as many experts, casual hobbyists and complete beginners as possible. For memory and mental math, the CMSA championships will be the best place to be in Canada to have a chance at becoming the national champion or just to have fun, to challenge yourself and to meet people who share your interests. All three competitions will have a regular section for people with some experience and a section for beginners with different rules for people who are just starting out. So even if you only discovered memory techniques or mental math or cubing a few days before the event (or even if you absolutely zero experience), you can still compete, have fun and possibly do quite well.

If you aren’t already an expert, check out some of links and resources in the discipline(s) you’re interested in and see how much you can improve with some practice. No matter who you are and no matter how much or how little experience you currently have, we thank you for being here right now and we’re hoping to meet you soon!