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Update: The deadline for sending your results has now passed. You can see the results we’ve received by clicking here. You’ll also find a link to all the challenges that we did. If you want, the option to download them and post them in the comments along with the others remains open.

How to participate in the 2019 Quebec Memory Championship from anywhere in the world, any time you want before April 22


Are you one of those poor people who couldn’t make it to Quebec city on March 23? That’s too bad, but there’s no need to cry because no matter who or where you are, there’s still a way for you to participate. How? By taking part as an “honorary competitor”! What the hell does that mean? It means that you will face all the same events that were presented to the competitors on March 23, but that your participation will be completely unofficial and self-regulated. So there won’t be anything real at stake, but it will be a fun and worthwhile challenge. Here’s how it will work:

  1. You will either leave a Facebook comment next to a relevant post or e-mail us directly at and declare your intention to go through the events on day X. Unless you want to compete anonymously (that’s also possible), please tell us your name, your age (keep it vague if you want, but we want to know if you’re 60 or older or if you’re under 18) and where you live. Also make sure to learn about the rules and events here (no need to bother with the last section about championship points calculations) and tell us if you’re competing in the Regular or the Advanced section. You can choose any day you want, but you have to be done before April 22 (the deadline has been extended). You’re encouraged to do all the events on the same day as if you had been physically there, although it’s not a “rule” that we will enforce.
  2. We will e-mail you everything that was presented to the competitors along with some instructions. The instructions will include a schedule that you’re encouraged to follow, although again it’s not something that we will enforce. Starting to memorize at a pre-determined time is more difficult than starting whenever you feel ready and relaxed.
  3. When the moment of truth comes, you will go through all the events as if you had been there. If you pretend it’s real, it will feel real! You can choose to print everything first or to memorize directly from your computer.
  4. You’ll e-mail us all your results. You’re welcome to include any comments you might want to add (“I messed up my card attempt because…”).
  5. On April 23, we will publish all the results we’ve received along with, when applicable, all the comments. We won’t include the results and comments of someone who is an obvious cheater or troll, but otherwise we will just publish everything. Of course we can’t guarantee that any of those self-regulated results will be accurate, but somehow we don’t expect that anyone will want to cheat. There will be no winner, no rewards, no championship points and no ranking. And no matter how amazingly well some of the honorary competitors may have performed, we will make it clear that the competitors who showed up in person on March 23 are still the real heroes.

So what’s the point of all this? Isn’t it just like practicing by yourself? No it’s not. First of all the challenges you will face aren’t quite the same as other memory competitions. Second, if you take the effort seriously, you will see that it’s surprising how going through a pretend championship can feel just like going through a real one. That’s especially true when you know that your results will later be published. If you’ve ever taken part in a memory competition, you know that although it can be very fun and rewarding, it’s also a much more difficult challenge than simply practicing at home. And if you’ve never been to a competition before, this is your chance to get some very valuable practice that will prepare you for the real thing.

This is a new fun experiment. If people enjoy it, it will be possible to do the same thing again after our future competitions. We’re hoping to be amazed by some of the experts and we would also be thrilled to see many courageous beginners take part.

Looking forward to see how everyone will perform!

Note: For those who would rather compete in a language other than English or French, it’s unfortunately not possible to do so with the Exam cramming challenge. But since this challenge uses a lot of made-up words, we don’t think that having less than perfect mastery of English is that big of a disadvantage. For Random Words you can choose to use one of the automatically generated sheets on in one of the 16 available languages. Just make sure to use our more lenient correction rules for this event. For Names you could also choose to use the same site to have your names be shown with either the Chinese or Cyrillic alphabet. It’s your call to make. You should know however that it will mean you won’t be tested with the same material as all the other participants. Your random words will be maybe 10% more difficult. Your names and faces will be both more difficult and less funny.