The 2019 British Columbia Memory Championship is coming up!

We’re happy to invite you to the 2019 British Columbia Memory Championship, Saturday July 13 2019, starting at 1pm, in the Auditorium of the New Westminster Public Library.

You can register by clicking here.

All the events and rules are described in details on this page.

The event is open to all, whether or not you think you have a good or a “bad” memory. Your memory for random images, names and faces, random words, fictitious historical dates and playing cards will be tested in 5 different 5 minutes events. Only your 4 best results will be counted.

If you think you’re “not good enough” to compete, you’re wrong! First of all there is no minimum level of skill necessary for you to participate. And more importantly, we have good reasons to believe that with the right techniques, anyone can achieve impressive results after just a few hours of practice.

  • If you don’t already know what the art of memory is and what is a memory palace, start by reading this article in the New York Times and then watch this video.
  • Simply read this short guide if you’re interested in competing and quickly improving.
  • If you’re interested in the art of memory in a more general sense, click here instead for a very helpful and more complete beginner’s guide to the subject. And if you’re interested in using memory techniques for studying difficult subjects, check out, the website of world memory champion Alex Mullen.
  • Click here for sample disciplines and training tools and be sure to come back to this page later for more detailed tips and competition strategies.

If those aren’t enough, current Canadian memory champion Braden Adams, featured on Global News here, will be happy to answer your questions. We will put you in contact with him if you just send us an email at


Other upcoming events

In addition to our still secret plans for a 2019 National Memory Championship, a 2019 National Mental Math Championship and 2019 Friendly Cubing Championship, we’re interested in organizing a 2019 Ontario Memory Championship.

Please get in touch with us at or through the “Apprendre à apprendre – Memory training and other fun and useful subjects“ Facebook group if you might be interested in competing or if you want to be involved in the organization.

If you’d like to organize a provincial memory competition elsewhere than in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, please read this page and get in contact with us!


Cubing Competition in Montreal

Saturday April 6, CMSA Board member Valérie Grenon along with Canadian Cubing and others organized a huge cubing competition in Montreal. Over 120 competitors showed up and the event was a great success.

The Journal de Montréal wrote this great article about it.

Join the Cubing Montreal Facebook group if you want to see some images and videos of the event.


Les résultats du Championnat québécois de la mémoire 2019

La Canadian Mind Sports Association (CMSA) en collaboration avec l’Association des participants à la maîtrise en administration de l’Université Laval (APMAL) tiennent à remercier tous ceux et celles qui ont participé au Championnat québécois de la mémoire du 23 mars 2019 à l’Université Laval.

Les résultats officiels du championnat sont en ligne sur cette page!

The official results of the 2019 Quebec Memory Championship are now online on this page!


Conférence sur l’art de la mémoire le 18 février

Francis Blondin, champion canadien de la mémoire 2016 et 2017, a été invité par l’Association des participants à la maîtrise en administration de l’Université Laval (APMAL) à enseigné de quelles façons les techniques de mémorisation peuvent être utilisées pour les études ou pour un peu n’importe quoi. Ces techniques ne sont pas une solution magique pour tout apprendre et tout retenir sans effort, mais elles sont certainement des outils extraordinaires qui méritent amplement d’être connus.

Merci aux quelques 100 personnes qui se sont déplacés pour l’occasion!

Pour ceux et celles qui n’étaient pas présents, voici quelques liens qui pourraient vous intéresser:


Sites Internet d’entrainement à l’art de la mémoire

Outre de faire l’effort de transformer en images les noms des gens que vous rencontrez et les mots difficiles que vous entendez, l’une des façons les plus simples d’intégrer la pratique des techniques de mémorisation dans son mode de vie consiste à aller sur un site d’entrainement comme Memory League un petit cinq minutes de temps en temps au lieu d’aller sur Facebook. C’est comme un jeu vidéo.


We’re all over the place!

Our first national competitions had quite an impact and our memory and math champions are now all over the place! We hope that this exposure will convince at least a few people to start learning some new skills. “See what you can do, you’d be surprised” is one of the messages they intend to repeat as often as possible

  • On CBC radio
  • On The Star Vancouver
  • On 1310 News Ottawa (Sept 21 show, hour 1, from 9:12 to 18:20)
  • On Kiss Radio
  • (In French) An interview with mental math champion Jean Béland published in Le Soleil of Quebec city, Le Droit of Gatineau, Le Nouvelliste of Trois-Rivières, La Tribune of Sherbrooke, Le Quotidien of Saguenay and La Voix de l’Est of Granby. He made the front page in at least one case.
  • (In French again) Another interview with Jean Béland on radio 107.7 Estrie (you need to look for the September 20 program to find the link)
  • An interview and a demonstration with competitor Ezequiel Valenzuela and organizer Francis Blondin on Global News Montreal
  • Francis Blondin on CBC radio
  • (In French) On Radio-Canada Première


Here’s what you’ve missed during the first National CMSA Championships

Here are the official results of the 3 championships that were held this weekend simultaneously in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. There’s a lot to tell, but the bottom line is that we had a ton of fun, we were amazed by the performance we witnessed and very happy to meet some enthusiastic beginners. In Vancouver, Braden Adams became the new National Memory Champion, breaking no less than three Canadian records. Also in Vancouver, 14-year-old Kenny Zhong solved a Rubik’s cube in just 6.63 seconds. In Montreal, mister Jean Béland managed to defeat his strongest rivals and claim the title of National Mental Math Champion. We want to sincerely thank everyone who participated in one way or another! With your help, we’ll be back next year bigger and stronger.

Results of the 2018 Friendly Cubing Championship

Results of the 2018 National Mental Math Championship

Results of the 2018 National Memory Championship

Click here or join this Facebook group if you want to see more photos from the three championships.

If you’d like to share your ideas concerning the direction we should take, you’re welcome to do so either by contacting or by writing something in the previously mentioned Facebook group. We probably won’t be adding that board game championship you might like to see, but we’re still curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.